Friday, August 27, 2010

And This Is Why I Don't Trust G4 Game Reviews...

So, I've been watching the progress of the latest Metroid game, and to be honest, I was initially concerned. The use of just the Wii Remote for all control seemed like it would be a big problem if it wasn't done properly. I was also kinda iffy on Team Ninja touching Samus, especially after the development team went through all kinds of drama a few years back. I was also worried that Samus would jiggle in her armor like the female characters in the Dead or Alive series. That superficial concern has been put to rest, with Samus and her armor being "normal". As far as the gameplay, I'll reserve my opinion for the review that I'll deliver next week.

I am having issue with some of the reviews and puppets who are reading them. While deciding whether I wanted to even touch this topic, I combed through a number of reviews for Other M. After reading five, I only found one that was blatantly negative. Now, far be it from me to fire shots at gamers for their opinions, but the good folks at G4, have proven that they are nothing more than "Nintendo haters". They generally swing from the collective sacks of every big budget title that's released on Microsoft and Sony's systems, and even went so far as to praise Sony for the "innovation" of Playstation Move while reacting to the Nintendo 3DS with a shrug. I'm not about to whine about this, though, since folks with sense can see it.

The review will be up next week after I get to spend quality time with Metroid Other M. then I'll move on to something else, since being a fanboy is lame.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did I Really Need More Of This?

Sequels are typically shitty. This statement holds true for most works of art, from works of literature (remember the followup to Gone With The Wind?), to movies (every straight to video Disney movie comes to mind), and most troubling are video game sequels. I mean, I love Capcom's games, but did we really need FOUR updates to Street Fighter 2 before they finally made Street Fighter 3? Namco is responsible for some of the most important games of the first Golden Age of gaming, but games like Rally X did not need a sequel, Rolling Thunder was a pile of crap, and I really didn't need Galaga '88, since it was simply a redraw of the first game. If Namco wanted to make a sequel to something, they should have made an update to Bosconian, that was my shit!

I'm done yelling about sequels. Especially since my next purchase is probably going to be Metroid: Other M, which is actually a sequel to 1994's Super Metroid. That, however, is for a later post.