Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wii Need To Talk...

I just read a report that says Nintendo's sales are down. Then I read further and noticed a continued trend. The article proceeded to bash Nintendo instead of reporting what was going on. Nintendo has been blamed for poor console sales as of late and while things like the 3DS price point are on them, the lack of 3rd party support is a major factor in why the Wii and 3DS are both doing as poorly as they are at the moment. Couple that with game selection decisions by Nintendo and you have a recipe for major backlash. For example, Operation Rainfall was initially a joke, but Nintendo realized what a disaster it would be if those three games weren't released here. The question is raised though, if they localize it, will you buy it? Gamers have a bad habit of begging for things then turning their backs on it once it's released, they turn on it. Rewind a few years to when gamers were complaining about wanting Nintendo characters, namely Samus Aran, to deal with more mature situations. Other is released with a storyline that depicts such a storyline, and it gets bashed by gaming journalists, yet they never complained about any gameplay issues. When the Wii was released, publishers talked about how they could integrate motion control into these games to great effect, what we got from them were watered down ports with motion control smeared on them like jelly on toast. In most cases the motion control was unresponsive and the games were flops. Somehow Nintendo got blamed for these offenses by the press and gamers, who were jaded by garbage like Carnival Games and mySims. Nintendo has screwed fans over the years with the lack of really good games they didn't bring to the US, but in the end, would we have bought them? Major developers have abandoned the Wii in favor of dumping the same shovelware onto Kinect and PS Move, and bandwagonning has made people steer clear of the 3DS in favor of Sony's upcoming PS Vita, this leaves me feeling like Nintendo has to do something major with the Wii U. If this current trend continues though, Nintendo may have an intense uphill battle on their hands.

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  1. And this comment comes in an era ofgaming where ideas are as stale as week old french bread (hard to digest and unimaginable). The Hardware is the canvas for the developers to paint on. They too need to step to the plate and get these systems to move. Also Nintendo needs to stop BS'ing around and get these games released in the US as well. It's just a two way street. but they are backing themselves in a corner.