Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Einhander: Square's SHMUP Masterpiece

For the longest time, Square has been known exclusively as the "Final Fantasy people" by those who only know them for that long running series. Square is responsible for some awesome titles that aren't even tied to their landmark RPG series, especially during the days of the first Sony Playstation. One of their most underrated titles is a shoot em up that features an interesting play on traditional power up mechanics seen in other titles in the genre, an incredible soundtrack, and visuals that have held up much better than most titles from that console generation.

Einhander, which is German for "single handed" has a rather typical "Earth vs. Somewhere Else" storyline. That "Somewhere Else" in this case being being the Moon, or more specifically, the Moon colony of Selene. The game takes place during the second war between the two factions, with the player controlling a lone fighter from Selene sent to disrupt Earth military activity and be a general nuisance. Everything in this game as far as story goes has been done before, so what makes Einhander such a great experience for Shoot Em Up fans? The victory for Einhander lies in it's gameplay, haunting soundtrack, and it's shadowy visuals.


  1. Now this game seriously pissed me off! I couldn't enjoy it at all! And the first level is just a ripoff of Blade Runner! Except the music isn't anything like Vangelis which is the best thing about Blade Runner.

    Did you play Thunderforce V? Sanvein? Harmful Park? Harmful Park's on the Japanese PSN if you want to risk losing your Playstation Network account.

  2. I actually have Thunderforce V...that series never disappoints. As far as Einhander, you seem really vexed by this one, and I get it. Einhander is certainly an acquired taste as far as shmups go. It's kinda like the Weaponlord of Shooters.