Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft Revealed The Xbox One, And I'm A Bit Worried

This is my opinion, and is based primarily on the press events held by Sony and Microsoft to announce their new consoles and information released to the media after said events. It is my hope that what I have written here is proven to be be false worry rather than prophecy.

Earlier this year, Sony revealed (kinda) the successor to the Playstation 3. That presser threw numbers around and left a lot to the imagination. Almost on cue, Microsoft revealed that they too would be revealing a new console in a press event. This announcement was supposed to trump Sony's presser and in my humble opinion, it didn't. Let me explain: from the gamer's perspective, this did nothing to get me excited about a new console. Over the last few years, Microsoft has shown up at E3 with less information about their games and more about all the non gaming things the Xbox 360 can do, and with their new console, Xbox One, Microsoft has jumped into the deep end of the "everything box that just happens to play games" pool at start. This may be a great thing to convince someone who isn't a gamer into buying the new console, it does nothing for the gamer who has gone through the motions with motions with Microsoft for years.

The Xbox One, for all it's bells and whistles is suffering from jaded gamer fatigue with portions of the community as of right now. I can't get excited for something that at least based on this press event, isn't made for me. There are too many question marks as far as the console's connectivity is concerned, and too many things that seem to be required. I never thought I would ever feel pushed out of gaming, but the consoles on the horizon, in particular the Xbox One are giving me that feeling right now. Console gaming may have reached the point many gamers were afraid of: the point where the actual gaming portion has become a gimmick. This saddens me to no end, but if the new Microsoft and Sony consoles prove to not be for gamers, I can always go to a flea market or auction site and start looking for more retro consoles.

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  1. For years I've been trying to impress upon my fellow gamers that we - The Gamer - do not move the market. They believe they already have us hooked, and have decided to focus on the non-gaming public as a source of new revenue.

    I don't think many will fault them for going after another audience, but we do have an issue with how they seem to have abandoned the people who brought them thus far. If they were just trying to be sneaky and target parents with features they might like so younger gamers can get a console for Christmas, we'd likely call them clever. But I don't see that as what they are doing at all.