Friday, June 1, 2012

The Summer Of 8-Bit: Smash TV

Today's post marks the beginning of the "Summer Of 8-Bit", a project that will see me post video content focusing on one NES game each day until Labor Day. This first video is all about Acclaim's NES port of Midway's Smash TV.


  1. My brother and I payed the all the time on SNES. We'd even quite Mutoid Man - "Noooo Waaayyyy" while paying other games. Lol. Since I was the younger brother I was always second player - so I got to use the Black guy.

    Also, people forget that this game had the violence controversy before Mortal Kombat. Like NARC before it, the arcade version was very gory, especially if you got blown up and that eye would go toward the screen. SNES version was definitely toned down.