Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Summer Of 8-Bit: Legendary Wings

Today's video takes a look at Legendary Wings by Capcom


  1. This game is fun, but it is so tough! It is nice that you can take an additional hit if you're powered up, but once you're powered down to basic firepower, it is hard to progress. I'll have to pick this title up again as I've never made it past the second level.

  2. Ugh....fix the mic. That beeping was driving me nuts.

    Due to the limitations of the NES, the port lost a lot of the great charm that the arcade had. I have a feeling that Michelle Heart was cut from the US NES port because they wanted to keep the ROM size small....after all, this was one of the earlier NES games, so they couldn't take full advantage of the hardware. Aesthetically, the game suffers from looking like "Contra with wings" but gameplay-wise, it's a great experience.