Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Game Talk

So, it's a little after 1 AM, I'm bored out of my wits, and I can't think of a specific game to write about. Be that as it may, I've decide to give you guys another random smattering of stuff I've gleaned from my experience as a gamer. So, in the immortal words of Mario in SM 64, "HERE WE GO!!!"

1. Ikari Warriors didn't age that well. especially the home versions. If you really need to play a top down "one guy vs. everybody" game, then play Commando. It aged well, and some of the home versions go pretty hard.

2. Master Higgins and Wonder Boy might be the same guy, but Adventure Island will always be a better series to me. Wonder Boy never needed to go RPG to work in my opinion. Hell, that's why that series never really translated into the 16- bit age.

3. I know how promising the War for Cybertron game looks, but there has never been a good Transformers game, and I worry that trend might continue.

4. It's a damn shame that Konami doesn't have the licensing they used to. An arcade compilation from them featuring all those great Beat Em Ups would be a huge hit.

5. Until Def Jam Vendetta came out, the best wrestling game to hit a home console in America was Pro Wrestling on the NES. Why can I say that? Cause King Slender is that dude, that's why.

6. It's a damn shame that Square has forgotten their history. Square used to make a lot more than RPGs, and they were good at it. Einhander is one of the best Shoot Em Ups ever, and it was made by Square. I think they got pigeon holed into being a one trick pony since being absorbed by Electronic Arts. Such a tragedy.

7. Legend of Kage and Elevator Action could both use full fledged sequels. Make Kage a video game equivalent to Ninja Assassin and throw some stealth elements in Elevator Action. Both games would rock.

8. I hate to say this, but the arcade version of Double Dribble was a piece of crap. It was "Wacka Flocka, Ace Hood, and Oj Da Juiceman on the same song" bad. I mean, it had a dribble button. It involved more button mashing than an E. Honda world record win streak.

9. If Lord of Shadows isn't good, it might spell the end for the Castlevania franchise. As much as I liked the idea behind the two PS2 games, the execution in both was kinda "meh". That might explain why I haven't taken the time to finish Curse of Darkness. Now, if it's as good as the last few GBA/DS games, we might have a classic on our hands.

10. I mentioned earlier how Elevator Action and The Legend of Kage need 2010 updates. Thats only if they're done correctly. There's a reason why Capcom went 8 bit for the last two Mega Man games. Some games don't work with bright, shiny graphics. Remember kids, some things only work when in their purest form.

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  1. I want Lord of Shadows to be good so badly. The DS games have been great but I haven't enjoyed a 3D Castlevania game yet. The PS ones aren't terrible but like you said, the execution just wasn't there.