Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sadly, We May Get No More Conflict Amphibians...

Whenever I look back at my favorite games, I typically end up thinking about games that have been hurting for a good sequel for a long time. My focus for years was Kid Icarus, but after E3, we know that request is about to be answered. Now, some of my favorite games have been rebuilt from the ground up (Bionic Commando:Rearmed), while others have simply been given an HD redraw (Rocket Knight Adventures). Others, however, are still with a decent update for today's consoles. One such game is Battletoads.

Now, Battletoads was the focus of an amazing hoax pulled on legions of gamers across the country, and said hoax pissed a lot of them off. They were probably pissed because they were so gullible, and anyone who know actual video game history would know the hoax could never happen. You see, the "trailer" for the alleged new Battletoads game was for a Wii version of the game. Now, the developer of the Battletoads games and the owner of the franchise is Rare, who is currently an in house developer for Microsoft, and even though they have made any magic for the 360 (Perfect Dark Zero was a turd and Banjo Kazooie was kinda "huh"), they are still a highly touted developer.That eliminates any chance for Battletoads to appear on the Wii.

Another note was that the game in the fake trailer was to be published by Tradewest, which went under in the 1994. Just because a new group has resurrected the Tradewest name does not mean they have the stroke to lure away what would be a sure fire hit for the Xbox 360.

Finally, remakes of classic Beat em Ups don't work if they don't follow the original formula, if you don't believe me, just ask Ubisoft, who had fans of the original Turtles In Time ready to blow up their headquarters after they completely butchered their HD remake of the Arcade classic.

I'm pretty sure their won't be a new Battletoads game anytime soon, if ever. They may be blowing it, but what do I know, I'm just a gamer.

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