Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Epic Shows Us The Future, But I'm Not Sold Just Yet.

Game developers are always looking for a way to push a console's limits, and no developer has done more in the last 15 years to push graphic innovation than Epic Games. Their Unreal Engine has powered games of almost every genre, on multiple platforms. So, when they decided it was time to show the world what "the future of video games" looks like, I was mildly puzzled. I was puzzled not because I wasn't aware of good their tech demo of Unreal Engine 3 would look, but I was puzzled because it was running on current gen technology and it was basically an extremely pretty cutscene. The folks at Epic claimed that actual gameplay would look like the footage in the demo, but the folks at Sony said the same thing about Killzone 2 when the PS3 launched, and while it looked good, it was nowhere near what they claimed. I know I might sound like a cynic, but I'm a gamer and tech demos are nice, but I'd much rather have a gameplay demo any day. I'm sure Epic is fully aware that while they have wowed publishers with this demo, they will have to unveil actual gameplay before gamers are impressed with anything. I will say though, that demo was pretty awesome.

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