Monday, May 9, 2011

MDK: The Most Fun You'll Have With A ClusterF**k

I was going through some Dreamcast games the other day and came across MDK. For those that don't remember it, MDK was a quirky third person shooter with some interesting level design, innovative(for it's time) play mechanics, and all kinds of personality. The game follows the exploits of protagonist Kurt Hectic and his effort to save the Earth from aliens intent on strip mining the planet into oblivion. there isn't much more to the Story that you need to know, or that I can do justice to. MDK is one of those games that story wise where you "kinda have to be there", if that makes any sense. I remember when Shiny announced this one, and then concept art and screenshots started surfacing. I was already a fan of Shiny's work from the Earthworm Jim series and Wild 9s, but MDK was one of those games that just grabbed me and forced me to pay attention. By and large, it lived up to my expectations at the time. Kurt going into sniper mode and taking enemies out with his face mounted sniper rifle was a thing of late 90s polygonal beauty. gliding through levels with the ribbon parachute, an equally enjoyable experience. There was, or should I should I say currently is, a problem with MDK. It's the same problem that most games that are composed primarily of polygonal graphics that were created in the 90s have. They honestly don't age well at all. had MDK been a more recent game, or a sprite based game, it probably would not look anywhere near as muddy as it looks some 13 years later. Beyond that though, the game is still a lot of fun to play...even if it controls like an old first person shooter. MDK is a classic of the modern gaming age, and anyone who likes their action games full to the brim with weird, quirky, fun, mildly insane attitude should definitely dig up a copy of MDK.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, nobody at Shiny ever said what MDK stood for, so don't assume it meant Murder Death Kill.

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