Monday, May 2, 2011

Avoiding Getting Robbed Over PSN And Xbox Live

On the heels of the massive shutdown of PSN, and Microsoft reportedly working to prevent such an attack on Xbox Live, gamers have become increasingly nervous about using their personal info online. While some things are necessary to set up a PSN or Xbox Live account, some of your more sensitive financial info can be spared from your online gaming resource of choice by using something most of us are not willing to buy, prepaid gamer points cards. Now, I'm not sure how things work on PSN, but I'm sure one of those visa gift cards can work to buy DLC, while one can buy prepaid cards for different amounts of Microsoft points and Xbox Live subscriptions. Nintendo even supports this notion with gift cards available for Wii Points in various amounts. Such a handy tool may come in handy for gamers needing their online fix in this time of trepidation for your personal info. Word is that PSN will probably be up by the time you read this, and many gamers have saw fit to already cancel the cards attached to their PSN account, so my advice would be to use alternate means to get points for that latest round of DLC or the next great downloadable game.

I may be stating the obvious, but for some gamers, it clearly wasn't.

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