Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gamer News Brief - 4/28/2011

It's been an odd time for gaming news lately. a lot of things haven't been happening in the video game industry, but the few things that have happened are pretty hot issues. Let's take a quick look at these issues and I'll give my take on some of these.

Recently, G4 reported that an attorney is planning on filing a class action suit against Sony. The suit was filed on behalf of the 77 million worldwide users of Playstation Network, and accuses Sony of gross negligence in regard to securing sensitive consumer information. This is the latest shot in the mounting backlash against both Sony and the unnamed hackers involved in the security breach. With Sony being so tight lipped early on, I wondered who was at fault. I sincerely feel bad for the gamers affected by this, but I don't feel bad for Sony, because I stand by my theory that their arrogance caused this.

The votes were counted, and the next cover athlete for Madden NFL 12 will be Cleveland Browns' Running Back Peyton Hillis. Hillis won the fan voting with 66% of the vote over Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick. When asked about the "Madden Curse" that has affected everyone besides the former Raiders coach since Garrison Hearst was supposed to be on the cover of Madden NFL 99, Hillis said his faith would allow him to disprove such things. To me it seems like PETA got everybody they could to keep Vick from being the first two time Madden cover athlete, but somehow I don't think Vick or Eagles fans are that concerned.

Finally, in what seemed to not be a big shock to those within the industry, Nintendo has announced that a new home console is in the works. It is currently codenamed "Project Cafe", and according to Mr. Iwata it will allow Nintendo to take a different approach to gaming. I'm intrigued to see Nintendo's new console, but I hope whatever Nintendo releases isn't used as a shovelware factory like some developers treated the original Wii.

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