Friday, April 15, 2011

Warriors...Come Out To...You Know How That Goes Already

Glass bottles clanging together gently accompanied by the shrill voice of a guy that kinda looks like Sean Penn. He's calling out a rival gang, The Warriors, trying to lead them to their death to keep his name clear in the murder of yet another gang leader. This scene from the 1979 movie, The Warriors is as iconic as any in modern cinema, and when Rockstar revealed that they were working on a video game adaptation of the film, which was an adaptation of Anabasis, a story by Xenophon. The Warriors recalls the quest of a handful of members of a Coney Island street gang to get back to their home turf after they're implicated in the murder of a rival gang leader, Cyrus, who was attempting to unite the assorted street gangs in New York. One of the Warriors sees the real killer, the Warriors are accused, and they make a run for it, hoping to make it back to their seaside lair. The film is set up a lot like the original story by Xenophon, but that's a story for another blog. The video game adaptation of the Warriors begins long before the events of the film, and give insight on the origins of the gang. You actually don't see the events of the movie played out in the game until the last few levels of the game, which gives players a more fleshed out experience. There's a little bit of everything for fans of action games here, from some team management (leading gang members into battle), item collection (breaking into cars and stealing stereos for money), and some serious boss fights. There's nothing overly intricate or complicated, it's just a great Beat em Up that came at a point in the video game industry that was flooded with really bad games based on movies and nothing really good in the Beat Em Up genre. The Warriors was a good game, period. It had roots in River City Ransom and Renegade, and it really showed gamers that there was still lots of life left in the Beat Em Up genre. Best part about it is that The Warriors can be found pretty cheap on Ebay. You Owe it to yourself to get a copy of The Warriors by Rockstar Games.

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