Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Could Have Been: Japanese Games That Could Have Been Hits In America

Over the years, a lot of really dope games came out the never saw the light of day in America. Many of which we didn't know about until the internet brought us information about these gems. Today, I'm going to take a look back at a few that would have been major hits if they were released in America.

Crisis Force - Konami - Famicom: Konami dropped this gem in 1991 and it was one of the most frenetic games made for the Famicom. The fast paced gameplay, driving soundtrack, and tight controls made Crisis Force a true gem from Konami.

Alien Soldier -Treasure -Mega Drive: Anyone who knows me knows that I love Treasure's work. They haven't made very many bad video games, and Alien Soldier was one of their best games. Big beautiful character sprites, highly kinetic action, a driving soundtrack, and one hell of a challenge gave me all the reason I needed to pick this one up on Virtual Console and you should do the same.

Namco X Capcom -PS2 - Namco: Long before The announcement of that Street Fighter X Tekken crossover fighting games, Namco and Capcom worked together on an extremely novel idea for RPG games. Namco X Capcom was one of those games that would've been big with folks who don't even like RPGs. Maybe this crossover will make Namco consider a re release.

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