Thursday, April 7, 2011

Short Concentrated Bursts Of Anger: A Few Things I've Noticed

So, I haven't played much new in the last week, but the things I have played have lead me to a few interesting observations. I recently played the first Lost Planet game Sunday night after Wrestlemania ended, and it reminded me of something that I wish it hadn't. The game is set on a snow covered planet and you constantly run the risk of freezing to death while you wander around the incredibly bland landscape looking for the correct path to take. It took me back to Extermination, a really bad survival horror game for the Playstation two the went quickly from being $49.99 to selling for $1.99 in bargain bins all over the place. That's not the kind of game you really want to be reminded of. Got really bored and figured I'd start playing Indigo Prophecy again. I like the game, but there's some crazy stuff going on at the end of the game. I mean, the main character ends up being a zombie who conceives a kid, there's some gibberish about aliens and the Internet. It all falls apart towards the end. Why are there no African Americans writing for the bigger video game websites? I mean, it's bad enough that the only brother on G4 in the last decade was the guy that hosted that car show, then the only folks that play stuff other than Madden, GTA, and COD are White and Asian according to these gamer news outlets. Why does the Gamefly commercial refer as current gen games as "classics". That term is thrown around so much now, it's like world title runs in Pro Wrestling. The term "classic" when it comes to video games was once reserved for those games that can be played after the polish of the next console generation stops being a novelty. the latest game I purchased that I can look at and agree with it being called a classic was probably Okami. So calling every RPG that comes out a classic is pure crap, and the marketing folks who worked on Gamefly's advertisements need to cut that out. One more thing I've noticed: Resellers and used game stores jacking up prices. I regularly check the prices on retro games at various sites, and I'm noticing that folks tend to try and jack the prices of crappy games up to cash in some random event. Case in point: the death of Michael Jackson caused every copy of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker to go through the roof price wise. The thing is, the only Moonwalker game that's worth any money is the arcade version, and if you have a working cabinet, you should keep it for as long as you can. I saw a copy of Moonwalker for the Sega Genesis being sold for $65.00 on Ebay, and the seller only had the cartridge. Price gouging is getting ridiculous, almost to where I understand where the hackers and modders are coming from. That all the ranting I'm going to do today. I should be back to normal with the next post, but if you have something you want me to discuss, then post your comments below, or email me at

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