Friday, May 6, 2011

Retro Goodness Coming To XBLA

I was originally gonna talk about something completely different today, but I saw a few upcoming XBLA games that got me I figured I'd tell you about them. Two of the titles mentioned in this post were recently released, and will be reviewed this weekend.

Moon Diver - With Moon Diver, Square Enix hopes to make up for the utter travesty that was Mindjack. If you are unclear on Moon Diver's gameplay and why it seems familiar, it's because the game was born in the mind of the creator of Capcom's legendary action game Strider. This one hit PSN a few months back, and got a lot of praise by players and reviewers, which warranted an XBLA release.

Bangai O: Missle Fury - A sequel to Treasure's classically vicious arcade style shooter, Missile Fury looks to have some of the same classic gameplay with a gloss of high definition graphics thrown on top.

Guardian Heroes HD - Treasure resurrects one of their classics in the form of Guardian Heroes HD. While it will contain both versions of the classic game, Treasure promises that there will also be extra gameplay modes included in the final product.

Radiant Silvergun HD - A high definition remake of the holy grail for shmup players. Treasure's classic shooter is scheduled to land later this year, with hopefully the same gameplay that made the original so great.

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