Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FTL.......Quiet Gem?

      Have you ever wanted to be a Captain of your own Starship? Have you ever watched Star Trek and wondered what it would be like to be Jean Luc Picard? Well Steampowered.com has a game for you. It is called FTL. FTL is a strategy simulation where you are the captain of a Starship carrying important data and on the run from a Rebel Invasion. You control every aspect of your ship like powering up weapons when it is time to fight, or diverting power from certain systems to help you survive a critical encounter. FTL is not a long game but each playthrough will be different than the last, so this game has a lot of replay.  It is $10 on Steam’s website, and I if you are into a small PC game made by the Indie community, then you should give it a shot.

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