Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Dragon: Jumpkicks Homeboy...JUMPKICKS!!!!!!

The 80s - Arcades were the business back then. so many classic games were born from the rise of Video Arcades. one such game was Double Dragon from Japanese developer Technos Japan. the game took the classic damsel in distress storyline and gave it a Martial Arts spin. The game became a major hit and spawned a series of ports for multiple systems. Activision published ports for the various Atari systems, including the 2600, Tradewest handled the NES version, and Sega took care of the Master System version.

Each home version was a little different because of the differences in the hardware. For instance, the NES version didn't have two player co op, but it featured an experience system that gave players new moves as they progressed through the game. The Master System version featured co op gameplay, and more enemies on screen at a time. the 2600 port was great looking for a 2600 game but the 7800 version featured some pretty ugly graphics, even for the 7800. Over time, even more ports of the original Double Dragon popped up. One of the more recent was the XBLA version that was pretty arcade perfect.

While several sequels and spin offs were made for multiple consoles, one thing remained constant: The original Double Dragon was and is a classic.

Random nugget of info: The NES version of Double Dragon had within it one of the first one on one fighting games on that system. Several games preceded it.

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