Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yeah Buddy...This Is Gonna Be Random.

I couldn't think of a damn thing to write about today, so I figured this would be a smattering of random stuff I either know because of or discerned from playing video games.

First, I knew what would happen in the Disney movie Aladdin (minus all the singing Genie stuff) from the video game Prince of Persia. I found it quite ironic that the film adaptation of the Sands of Time story arc in the Prince of Persia storyline is being distributed by Walt Disney Films. I just hope this movie is better than most of the other movies based on video games.

Secondly, some subject matter just doesn't make good video games. For example: with a little tweaking, Dante's Inferno made a great game. Meanwhile, somebody thought a video game tie in to The DaVinci Code was a good idea, and they failed miserably. Another example, video games based on the Bible. The Bible games released on the NES by a company called Wisdom Tree were epic fails on an ridiculous level. I'm sure they were so bad they led many kids to atheism.

Finally, I've learned one truth because of Video Games. Pirates will lose to Ninjas every time. I mean, lets be real, how many really good games have had a pirate in the starring role? Jack Sparrow ain't beating Ryu Hayabusa in a fight either. So there, Ninjas > Pirates.

I know this was super random, but hell, I've always been this random; you know you love it.


  1. So you mean to tell me...a pirate can't beat a ninja?! The new things you learn!

  2. What about Cervantes from Soul Calibur? Pretty close to a pirate. Bad ass character as well.