Friday, May 7, 2010

McKids: Pain Disguised As A Burger Ad Disguised As A Video Game

We've all seen the wave of product placement in current gen games, but did you know that this wasn't a new trend? As a matter of fact, it's been going on since video games have been around. From the Kool-Aid Man games to those Burger King games for the Xbox, a lot of companies have used video games to peddle their wares to the masses. McDonald's was no diferent, and their first attempt was a surprisingly good, infamously hard platformer for the NES called McKids. McKids was a run of the mill Mario 3 clone that features some of the toughest gameplay this side of Ghosts and Goblins. For some players, this would undoubtedly scare them off, but it attracted surly bastards like myself who like their video games harder than old breast implants. if you like getting your ass handed to you by a Happy Meal ad, then I suggest checking out McKids.

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