Monday, November 8, 2010

Sports...Not The Huey Lewis Album

Ok kids, we're halfway done with the NFL regular season, The NBA and NHL have both kicked off, and we just crowned new World Series Champions. I figured this would be as good a time as any to shuffle through a genre that everybody seems to love...except me. I've never been one to quickly buy a sports game, and that may not change anytime soon, but I can appreciate a good game, whether it's a simulation, or a quirky change of pace to the rules of the traditional game. Here are some of my favorite sports games.

As with many lists I do, this one is in no particular order.

John Madden Football 93: Championship Edition - Electronic Arts - Genesis: The first Madden title to feature throwback teams and All time All Madden Teams is probably the only Madden I really care about.

Ultimate Basketball - American Sammy - NES: take the stuff folks loved about Double Dribble, and add substitutions, individual player stats, and fully animated dunk sequences where you can defend against being a poster. it was like Pat Riley Basketball on the Genesis, but better.

High Impact Football - Midway - Arcade: High Impact is as basic a football game as you can ask for, and it works beautifully. I mean, the game has a joystick and one action button, what's not to love.

Baseball Stars 2 - SNK - Neo Geo: I can say with great honesty that even now, in the winter of 2010, that Baseball Stars 2 is WITHOUT QUESTION one of the greatest sports video games EVER.

NFL 2K5 - 2K Games - Xbox, PS2: $20 price tag, full ESPN, great wonder EA got NFL exclusivity when they did. If they hadn't, they'd have a serious problem on their hands.

NHLPA Hockey 93 - Electronic Arts - Genesis: Probably my second favorite sports game. Full NHL rosters, fast paced gameplay, and there were actually fights in this one.

Blades Of Steel - Konami - NES: No NHL license, no stat tracking, no problem. Konami took their great, but flawed Arcade hockey game and made it the measuring stick for hockey video games.

Tecmo Super Bowl -Tecmo - NES: Regarded by many to be one of the best football games ever. It took the basic gameplay of the first NES Tecmo Bowl and added a full NFL license to it. This game is so beloved that homebrew roster updates come out almost yearly for it.

Double Dribble - Konami - NES: Konami's hardcourt masterpiece is one of those games that has become something of a legend. It's magic and appeal among gamers may not ever be duplicated, and it's all because they got rid of that damn dribble button.

Run And Gun - Konami - Arcade: It was copied by numerous game publishers, but none of them could make a basketball game that was as balls out fun as Run and Gun was.

Super Sidekicks 3 - SNK - Neo Geo: SNK's futbol series was, in my opinion, on par with Baseball Stars 2. That was just how good Super Sidekicks 3 was.

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