Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Few More "What Ifs"

It's a slow day, and I have severe writer's block, so I figured I'd cook up a few more "What Ifs" for you guys

What if Bungie never signed that deal to exclusively make games for Microsoft's Xbox console? Let's be real here, The Xbox brand probably wouldn't have lasted past that first system cycle if it wasn't for Halo being exclusive to the first Xbox.

What if EA ignored better judgment and released NBA Elite 11 anyway? That honestly would have been the worst basketball video game released on a home console since NBA Starting Five for the PS2. EA Sports as a brand would've recovered, but nobody would have trusted their basketball games again.

What if Nintendo's consoles flopped, and Sega's prospered? If this happened, a bigger deal would've been made about Sonic's 15th birthday than Mario's 25th, We'd still be getting new After Burner and Space Harrier sequels, and all those bad Sonic games we've gotten since the Dreamcast died...they would be Mario games.

What if Metal Gear Solid didn't catch on as strongly as it did? Without Metal Gear Solid's success Hideo Kojima may not have had the freedom to work on more creative fare like Boktai for the GBA, and the Zone of the Enders series. We're still waiting on followups to those, by the way.

What if Uwe Boll's film's weren't so derided by gamers? If that were the case a few things would happen, The director wouldn't have tomato cans to spar with, most of his films wouldn't be hidden at the end of the Netflix queue on Xbox Live, and and he would probably still not be as appreciated as directors who haven't screwed up video game film adaptations.

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