Thursday, December 2, 2010

Job Training Using Video Games: You've Come A Long Way From Space Invaders

Recently, a friend sent me a link to this article about employers using video games as training tools. Before I get into my take on it, you should read that article:

Study says training with video games can help you do your job better VentureBeat

As an avid gamer, I'm all for the integration of video games into seemingly boring activities to make them more enjoyable. Many studies have shown that gamers by and large have better hand eye coordination, problem solving skills, and a myriad of other useful abilities that non gamers may not be proficient in. However, information like this won't be covered by major media, mainly because they still think we all play those "rape games" that are big in Japan. Maybe video game based job training methods will catch on, and replace some of those painfully boring and outdated training videos shown at orientations around the country.

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