Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quarter Munchers That Deserve A New Life...

I've been sifting through the lists of games set to appear on the various download services, and I came to the conclusion that some classic games have been forgotten. Besides the resurrection of several high profile Dreamcast games, most of the stuff listed for the PSN and XBLA are expansion packs for games currently in development, while the lists for the two Nintendo services are pretty slim all around, which says either nothing is coming out, or Nintendo is being tight lipped and media outlets just don't have the info. Well, there are a few games that I think would be great additions to the arcade games on PSN, XBLA, or WiiWare / VC.

Run and Gun - Konami: This classic arcade basketball game has online multiplayer written all over it, and it could work on all three consoles, since it isn't extremely graphics intensive.

Power Stone - Capcom: I still don't know why there is no third game in this series. But this is another one that would be amazing if online multiplayer was done properly.

Warlords - Atari: This one was the first competitive video games that wasn't a sports game. it was also one of the first primarily multiplayer games.

BallBlazer Championship - Lucasarts: An update to this Atari 7800 classic could combine the intensity of an FPS with a sports game. If done properly, it could be a major hit.

WWF Wrestlefest - Technos Japan: THQ has the WWE license, but who says they couldn't make an arcade style wrestling game that doesn't handle like that turd Legends of Wrestlemania. It could even feature the full WWE roster.

The Grid - Midway: If anybody has the rights to this, they need to bring it to home consoles NOW. This was truly one of the last great competitive arcade games released in America.

Dolphin Blue - Sammy: Dolphin Blue was, at it's heart, a spiritual successor to Metal Slug, but it was so much more. It's a game that every fan of action games needs to play.

Baseball Stars 2 - SNK: The greatest sports video game ever made deserves to live on. either in a downloadable game format, or as a full fledged remake.

That's my list, but if have any more that I might have forgotten, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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